What is the Observatory? Imprimir

The Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain is an initiative of the Ministry of Justice, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and the Pluralism and Coexistence Foundation.

Its main aim is provide the public administrations with guidelines for managing religious freedom, guidelines that are in line with constitutional principles and the legal framework regulating the exercise of the right to religious freedom in Spain.

The Observatory has also been designed as a benchmark portal for religious communities and confessions, for researchers and any other individuals with an interest in the different dimensions of religious pluralism.

With these aims in mind, the Observatory of Religious Pluralism in Spain performs the following tasks:

  • Provide, on a municipal level, updated information on places of worship of different religious confessions represented in Spain and their development.
  • Systematize legislation on the exercise of religious freedom.
  • Draw up guidelines to support the public management of religious diversity.
  • Identify and promote good practices.
  • Order data obtained from national and international surveys.
  • Channel demands from government bodies and provide answers via specific public management itineraries.
  • Promote research and the creation of a body of literature on religious pluralism and its impact on Spanish society.
  • Provide information on the different research groups and centres in the sphere of religious pluralism.
  • Provide information on training available in the sphere of religious pluralism.