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El Forum incluye un programa dedicado a Sociología de la Religión en el que se plantean las siguientes mesas temáticas:

- Beyond Western Centrism of Religion: To Study Africa Inspired Religions in the 21st Century
- Civil Society and Religion
- Culture, Religion, and Gender Inequality
- Early Career Sociologists of Religion Session
- Overlapping Trajectories: Religion, Migration and Health Paths.
- Religion and Practical Ethics: Bioethics, Environmental Ethics and Legal Ethics
- Religion, Environment, and Social Movements
- Religion, Spirituality and Morality in a Post-Secular Age
- Religions, Social Movements and Politics Circulation, Production and Politics of Knowledge in the "Christianisms of Liberation" and Its Adversaries
- Religiosity in Transition; Change of Roles Over the Time
- Religious Dynamics in the Public Sphere in Latin America
- Religious, Spiritual and/or Non-Religious Young People
- Revisiting 'religion' from a Gender Perspective
- The Public Role of Religion
- The Reciprocal Influence of Religion and Demography
- Where Is Religion in Popular Religion? New Approaches for an Old Debate
- Wtf? ("What the Faith?") - Peering Anew into the Conceptual Domains of "Religion", "God", "Spirituality", "Faith" and Related Constructs

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